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Optimizing User Experience: Key Insights from the Arrakis Finance UX Audit

In our ongoing quest for user-centric excellence in the Web3 landscape, we recently conducted a comprehensive UX audit on Arrakis Finance. This platform, renowned for its trustless market making infrastructure on Uniswap V3, has been a focal point for decentralized finance enthusiasts. 

Today, we are excited to share detailed insights and recommendations from our thorough examination.

Before we delve into the specifics, it's crucial to highlight the platform's usability score of 78.17%. This score signifies that users can navigate the platform with relative ease. However, our audit brought to light areas where thoughtful enhancements could elevate the overall user experience.

1. Onboarding and First Impressions: Crafting a Positive User Introduction

The platform's home page currently lacks a professionally designed layout, impacting the initial user impression and engagement. To enhance this, we recommend streamlining the home page by removing unnecessary elements, implementing a clear Call-to-Action (CTA), and integrating engaging storytelling elements to communicate the platform's mission effectively.

2. Task Orientation and Site Functionality: Guiding Users through a Seamless Journey

Arrakis Finance needs to provide a clearer critical path for users, facilitating a more straightforward navigation experience. To address this, we suggest developing an interactive onboarding process, creating a demo or sandbox environment for users to experiment with features, and implementing a system for progressive disclosure.

3. Navigation and Information Architecture: Improving Clarity in User Navigation

The platform currently lacks visible changes when hovering over clickable elements, affecting user recognition of interactive elements. Recommendations include implementing noticeable hover effects, ensuring clear visual alterations against the background, and maintaining consistency in hover effects across different elements.

4. Page Layout and Visual Design: Fostering Visual Cohesiveness

To address issues of misalignment and visual clutter, we recommend implementing a robust grid system to guide page layout, defining both horizontal and vertical alignments. Ensuring consistent margins and padding around elements contributes to a visually pleasing and well-organized layout.

5. Search Usability: Streamlining Content Discovery

Improvements in search result ranking and displaying a visible count can significantly enhance user experience. Recommendations include presenting search results clearly with essential information and displaying a visible count on the search results page.

*The search results page does not make it clear how many results were retrieved, and if the number of results per page can be configured by the user. The platform also does not effectively rank search results by relevance.

6. Help, Feedback, and Error Tolerance: Empowering User Interactions

Arrakis Finance can further empower users by introducing interactive tutorials, providing step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice. Additionally, error correction prompts should be implemented to guide users when their input is potentially incorrect or misspelled.

7. Transparency of Data Provenance: Clarifying Data Sources

To enhance transparency, Arrakis Finance should clearly differentiate data originating from the blockchain and from other sources. Additionally, disclosure of the sources of data obtained from oracles will contribute to a more transparent user experience.

8. Transparency of Smart Contract Events: Illuminating Developer Events

Introducing a clear and consistent labeling system for events primarily designed for developers will enhance user understanding and engagement.

9. Transparency and Accessibility of User’s Interaction History: Bringing Clarity to Transactions

Arrakis Finance can improve transparency by introducing a dedicated and prominently placed section or tab within the application interface that clearly indicates the presence of a transaction history. Additionally, communicating whether the transaction history is stored locally on the user's device or on the server will enhance user transparency and control.

10. Transparency of Code: Fostering Openness

To address ambiguity in open-source code, Arrakis Finance should provide clear documentation explicitly stating which portions of the code are open-source. Indicating the execution environment of the code, whether locally on the user's device or on remote servers, will address concerns related to privacy and security.

11. Human-Readable Hashes Format: Enhancing User Interaction

Improving user interaction with addresses and hashes involves implementing a user-friendly solution to expand full details with a single click or tap. Additionally, introducing an easily accessible "Copy" button or icon right next to addresses or hashes will enhance user convenience.

12. Permanent Newbie Mode: Structuring Educational Content

Arrakis Finance can enhance user education by implementing a two-tiered educational structure with distinct levels focusing on Blockchain basics and Dapp-specific lingo. Creating progressive learning modules that follow a logical sequence will prevent cognitive overload and promote effective knowledge absorption.

13. Gas Price and Transaction Reversal: Empowering User Decisions

In addressing serious concerns, Arrakis Finance should suggest gas price ranges and provide time estimates for transactions. Introducing a transaction reversal mechanism will offer users the ability to undo unintended or erroneous transactions, providing a safety net and enhancing user control.

In summary, our exploration into Arrakis Finance has revealed areas for refinement and improvement to further elevate the user experience. As advocates for seamless and user-centric design, we believe these recommendations will contribute to the ongoing success and evolution of Arrakis Finance in the decentralized finance space.

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