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General Magic is an organization focused on supporting Impact DAO’s, but how did we start?

General Magic is an organization focused on supporting Impact DAO’s, but how did we start?

Introduction to General Magic

It all started with our focus on public goods.

Public Goods are a categorization of commodity/service/information that are non-excludable and non-rivalrous. Public Goods are never-ending wells of positive value that anyone can tap into. They just don’t have a business model to reward those that create them.

“When the government fails to provide Public Goods we need to rely on non-profits to step up as a society and this reliance without reward is straight-up exploitation, we need to find a better way, and I think crypto is leading us to that way.” -Griff Green

At the end of 2020, General Magic bloomed out of Giveth Galaxy with the mission to solve the needs of Public Good projects. Full of talented people with different sets of skills, we offer top-notch Solution services for Impact DAOs. Designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers, and seasoned Web3 professionals make up a team that works hard every day to build novel crypto-economic systems, governance tools to solve the coordination problems, to design the economic system that best fits your needs, to provide best technical support for projects, and much more. Being immersed in a culture of Public Goods and Impact DAOs, we have the knowledge and insights to support the ever-growing demands of those organizations -both by integrating with existing teams and creating resources from scratch.

“We make magic happen by supporting Impact DAO’s and communities when they don’t have the development power to achieve their goals.”

Our business model

We implement a combination of long-term work agreements with value-aligned DAOs and projects as well as stand-alone bounties, projects, and consultancy work to generate sustainable funding. Our business model is a mixture of:

  • A traditional agency model in which we are hired to build a product or complete a specific task

  • A venture studio model where we products for DAO’s while simultaneously investing our own capital

  • A one-for-one business model that represents a combination of profit and non-profit services

  • Product-as-a-service model where we build open source standalone white label products.

With deep roots in the Ethereum ecosystem, it is easy to say that our team has Web3 professionals for any job your DAO has!

General Magic supports DAO’s like Giveth, DappNode, Commons Stack, TEC, Panvala, BrightID, clrFund, Aragon, ENS and others that create greater value for society, and look to build a brighter future for the Decentralized Web. We look forward to participating in the growth of Impact DAOs for many years to come.

Projects we are proud of

More and more projects are appearing on the scene and there is a growing need for services and assistance during their implementation. We are proud to be part of the puzzle in building extraordinary projects in the Giveth Galaxy and beyond. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Praise System

Our team provided technical help for the team at Commons Stack when building the Praise System — an open source system that invites communities to build a “Culture of Giving”, rewards contributors, and gets the community involved in every step. The impact of using Praise is already noticeable in several DAOs. Commons Stimulator is another project that deserves a spotlight. It was used to design and assist in launching the economy of the Token Engineering Commons (TEC). When designing a DAO we use Commons Stack conviction voting which offers a novel decision-making process that funds proposals based on the aggregated preference of community members.

White Label Products

We offer also white label products for Impact DAO’s. One example of which is our web3 Swag Shop which can be developed and deployed for organizations that want to offer merch to the community. Our biggest clients to date for our swag shop product have been Giveth and ENS DAO.

Also, stay tuned for the launch of our own Swag Shop 👀

Full Services for Your Impact DAO

And that’s just scratching the surface! At General Magic, we offer full-service product, development, design, governance, and tooling for Impact DAOs to help you succeed.

Where can you find us?

Do you have an Impact DAO that could use a little extra help? We’re always on the lookout for our next partner.

Discord: https://t.co/ZagxZ8ooh6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Generalmagicio

Also, we are in constant search for talented individuals who can contribute to our organization.

If you have extraordinary Web3 magical talents and you are passionate about Public Goods and effecting positive change, then please apply to General Magic https://giveth.recruitee.com/

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